Your Phlebotomy Services

From April 1, 2019, blood tests, requested by us, for you, will be carried out by our own practice.

Up until now, they have been provided for you by staff from Southern Health Foundation Trust (SHFT) – in line with a number of other practices in the area.

By providing the service in-house, we hope this will help us to improve our services to you by:

  • Improving your access to our services
  • Making it easier to make appointments at a more convenient time.
  • Providing a more holistic service when you come to have your blood taken

This will help the local NHS streamline its community phlebotomy services across the area, so that all GP practices will all be offering this service in the same way.

Patients who already have their blood taken at home will not be affected, as these services will continue.

Our staff will advise you of the booking process when you are requested to have a blood test by your GP practice.

PHT will continue to take your bloods if the request is as a result of an appointment you have had at the hospital or part of the care you are under at the hospital. The hospital staff will be able to tell you the opening hours of the various sites. The sites PHT will offer bloods from will be:

  • St Mary’s Hospital
  • Queen Alexandra Hospital