New Phone System

The new phone system will allow us to adapt and change much quicker, supporting demand and act on your feedback. During this time of change we will encourage your feedback to make sure that we are making the right improvements for you and the practice. Feel free to contact us on the website or ask for a feedback form.

The key changes are below:

There will be brand new options so please listen carefully next time you call, to ensure that we can deal with your call effectively.

The biggest change will be the opening of certain lines at certain times meaning that we can focus our attention on certain areas throughout the day. This means that we can streamline the calls to answered more effectively

For enquiries for same day care availability these lines will be available from 08:00 for the morning surgery and 12:30 for the afternoon open until 18:00. We will ask that if you require same day that you enquire before 10:00 for the morning same day surgery and before 14:00 the afternoons.

These slots can go very quickly and are not guaranteed, to ensure that we are maximising these available appointments our call handlers are trained to sign post your call. By answering their questions they will be able to guide you to the right place for the best outcome for you. This may be local services such as pharmacies.

Enquiries for our routine appointments will be available from 09:00 each morning.

You can now cancel through an automated system making it easier for everyone for when appointment may now longer be required, releasing those valuable appointments for another patient to use.