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Support pages for local families

Support pages for local families

Support pages for local families 


Healthier Together App 

Next time your child is unwell, try using our new App, developed with the Healthier Together team.  If GP advice is needed, the App allows you to email us directly about your child's symptoms, and we will contact you on the same day.  Download it at https://rb.gy/lmtcdj


NHS Start for Life offers a range of support for parents who are bottle or breast feeding.




A guide to Government offered childcare support for parents in England


This guide is for information only. Which scheme you're better off with depends on your situation. Please check the details and eligibility of any schemes directly.


Local Play Groups in the Havant area 



Need to talk to someone? Here’s how to get help when you need it

Need to talk to someone? Here’s how to get help when you need it | Mum | Mother & Baby (motherandbaby.com)


UK baby banks

Little Village only operates in London, but there are more than 200 baby banks across the UK.

UK baby banks - Little Village (littlevillagehq.org)


Getting help from your local authority or social services

All local authorities should have an emergency formula provision pathway in place under Unicef guidelines.

The best way to access this is to talk to your health visitor or midwife.

Katherine O'Brien, a spokesperson for BPAS, advised parents and carers who are struggling to feed a formula-fed baby to talk to their health visitor who can signpost them to local support.

Social services may be able to provide emergency formula out-of-hours. You can use your postcode to find your local children's social services.